Unique and Fun Wedding Gifts

Anyone who has been married or been around someone who has knows that the same boring types of gifts are sent to couples over and over again. Picture frames, kitchenware and towels are just a few of the plain thoughtless gifts that are chosen by guests. It is much more fun and exciting to choose a unique wedding gift to give to the happy couple. Below are some ideas of gifts that are unexpected, but will surely be appreciated by the lucky bride and groom.

Honeymoon Extras

One unique gift that is not usually given, but is sure to be enjoyed is a honeymoon surprise. Perhaps you could call and take care of a portion of their bill at the hotel or maybe even give them a voucher for a special tour or activity they have been talking about. Giving them something to go towards their honeymoon is a very personal gift that will allow them to get to do more while on vacation with one another after the wedding.

A Portrait Package

Many newly married couples only have pictures of themselves at their wedding all dressed up. It might be nice to have a portrait of themselves where they are doing something other than getting married. Giving them a prepaid portrait package allows them to save the gift for a time that is right for them. Perhaps they might have a new baby and wish to have a family photo taken. Whatever the case, this is a unique gift that is sure to be appreciated.

Unique Memory of Their Special Day

Although most brides and grooms receive gifts for their home, they would surely welcome a cherished keepsake from their wedding day. For example, you may get them a professionally framed copy of their invitation as well as other important mementos from the big day. A special memory of the wedding will be a gift that couples will remember for years to come.

Something for Their Wedding

Many couples struggle to keep their wedding within budget and would welcome any financial help at the time. Giving them part of their wedding as a gift can be a refreshing change from the normal presents. Not only is it something that they want, but it will help to take some of the burden off of them at a particularly stressful time.

An Adventure

Taking risks with each other as a young newly married couple can help individuals strengthen their bond with one another. Giving a bride and groom a unique adventure or experience as their wedding gift can help them experience some of the best things in life together. Sky diving, parasailing and scuba diving are all examples of unique adventure experiences you can purchase for the happy couple.

Choosing to give a bride and groom a unique wedding gift is a way for you to go above and beyond what is normally required and show your love and thoughtfulness for the newly married couple. The choices above are just a few of the options available when you want a different kind of wedding gift to give.