Unique and Entertaining Wedding Shower Games

The whole idea of a wedding shower is to have fun and celebrate the wedding that is about to occur. However, it can be hard to come up with entertaining wedding shower games that will keep everyone laughing the night away. These unique shower games will give you an idea of how you can make sure your wedding shower is one to remember.

Toilet Paper Wedding Dress Contest

This is a tried and true wedding shower game with a twist. Normally only the bride is dressed in a toilet paper wedding dress, but for a unique twist on an old favorite, why not let others join in the fun. Break the guests into equal groups, and give them all several rolls of toilet paper. Have two or three people sit out as judges. Each team has three minutes to make the most beautiful toilet paper wedding dress possible. When time is up, the team that has the most beautiful dress wins the prize. You would be surprised at what toilet paper can do!

The Bag on Your Head Game

This wedding shower game is hilarious and more of a joke then a game, but it will be sure to have everyone in the room laughing. Each guest and the bride are given a large brown paper bag to place on their head. After each person has a bag on their head, turn some music on. When the music stops, each person has to take off something that they have on that they don't really "need," such as a bracelet, watch, ring, etc. The game continues with everyone laughing, until someone finally wises up and realizes that what you really don't need is the brown bag that is on your head.

The Naughty Honeymoon Word Scramble

If you want to spice the night up, try making a naughty honeymoon word scramble. You type up a list on your computer, of naughty words that might take place on a honeymoon and then scramble them up. At the party each person is given the list and a pencil. The person who unscrambles the most words or finishes the list the fastest gets a prize.

Bride Trivia

This is a fun wedding shower game that lets everyone find out just who knows the bride best. A list of questions is made about the bride, and then asked to the guests. The person who gets the most answers right knows the bride best, and wins a prize. You will be surprised that the person who knows the most about the bride may not be the person you think.

The Bracelet Game

Purchase a whole bunch of cheap plastic costume bracelets, and hand one to each guest when they arrive. Tell them that if they cross their legs at anytime during the shower and are caught by someone else they must give that person their bracelet. At the end of the shower, whoever has the most bracelets wins the prize.

Wedding showers don't have to be droll and boring. With some entertaining and unique wedding shower games, you can spice up a party, and make it a night that everyone will remember for years to come.