Tips When Preparing a Perfect Dream Wedding

A wedding celebration is considered to be the best time in a couples life. It is a couples commitment to each other for a lifetime. Weddings are very special. Couples should have longer preparation time to make sure their special day will be perfect. There are many things to consider when planning for a wedding. Budget, wedding dress, invited guests, entourage, wedding reception, wedding invitation and many other details to make sure everyone is happy on that special day. Here are different tips when preparing for a perfect dream wedding:


Decide on the budget. Identify your priorities for the venue, guests, reception, dress, flowers and many others. Always remember that the marriage itself is the most important. Couples shouldn't stress themselves if they only have a small budget.

Wedding Planner

Couples should discuss if they really need to hire a wedding planner. If couple is too busy to handle the wedding preparation, hiring a wedding planner will be convenient and helpful. Friends or a family member can serve as a wedding planner if they know how to handle such events.

Wedding Date and Venue

Its advisable to plan a wedding for a year. Couples should understand that its not that easy to reserve a wedding venue that will be favorable to their chosen wedding date. Monitor events in their chosen venue and book as early as possible.

Wedding Entourage

Members of the entourage are usually the couples close family member and friends. Inform them early so they can save the date and have more time to prepare for the wedding. Identify the importance of their roles: principal sponsors, maid of honor, best man, bridesmaids and groomsmen. Make sure they will be there to support your marriage life.

Guests and Invitations

Another reason why a preparation should take a year is because to choose the guests. Its up to the couple if they want to invite their extended relatives and officemates. Some couple prefers only to invite close family and friends. Wedding invitations must be given 3 to 4 months before the wedding day.

Wedding reception

Choose a venue where guests will be comfortable. Its a way of thanking them for attending your wedding. Decide on what food and drinks will be served. There are places that offer wedding reception packages that include the food, drinks, wedding cake and in some instances, room accommodation if its held in a hotel.