Tips to Choosing Flowers for Your Wedding

Flowers are one of the most important components of a wedding. Everyone uses flowers in a wedding, no matter the kind of wedding, so everyone will surely find tips about flowers in weddings handy. Some of the tips you can keep in mind include:

Look at the Big Picture

Couples have the tendency to look at individual spots where flowers will be used, sometimes completely ignoring how each flower in a spot will have to work with all the other flowers in all the other spots. For instance, tall flowers won't work in a room with an ocean view because the flowers will end up blocking everyone's view.

Trust Your Florist

Your florist is a florist for a reason--he or she knows flowers. If you were a florist too, you can engage in a meaningful discussion with him or her with regards to what's better between a tulip and a calla lily. Otherwise, just stick to communicating what you would like your wedding to have, your likes and dislikes, and other expectations. Then wait for the florist to send you some suggestions to check out. Work with your florist if there are any changes you wish to implement. Your florist understands your wedding is a special day in your life and so will work towards ensuring that you get the day you deserve.

Re-use Ceremony Arrangements

Flowers in the ceremony will more or less be the same as what you would be using in the reception hall so consider reusing your ceremony arrangements. This will incredibly save you on costs. Not to mention that it's just a shame to just throw out completely gorgeous flowers after a ceremony that lasted less than two hours. It probably took more time to set up all those flower arrangements than for you to get married.

Don't Book Your Florist Last

Rather than talk to a vendor and then book after a meeting with each, it is better to just meet up with everyone you need first and then just make bookings after all the meetings are done. This way, you have an idea of what your budget would be like and you can make the changes accordingly. This means essentially that you'll have enough budget to work around in order to get the flowers you want.

Use Colors

Use contrasting colors wherever possible to make various aspects of your wedding pop out. For instance, a neutral bridesmaid's dress will look more stunning with a colorful bouquet.