Tips in Choosing the Right Wedding Bouquet

The bride is the limelight in all wedding events. People notice every detail of her gown, make-up, shoes, jewelries, and her bouquet. Any flaw in even one of these can be noticeable especially to the fussy eyes of the public. Because of this, choosing the right wedding bouquet for your special day should be a major part of your planning.

The decision may not be as easy as you think. People around you will be suggesting different colors and motifs, which can make things more confusing. To help you with your dilemma, here are a few tips you need to consider when choosing the right wedding bouquet.

Body Build

Many soon-to-be brides fail to consider their body build when it comes to their decision. Your bouquet must enhance your assets and hide your negative features. In choosing the type to bring with you as you walk down the aisle, consider your height and body size. For small ladies, you need to add more length to your figure. You can do this by picking a large teardrop or sheath arrangement. For taller ladies, the posy arrangement is ideal because it provides a focal point as you carry it. Lastly, for the large-built bride, pick a large bouquet to complement your size. Choosing a small design can make you look larger relative to the accessory you're holding.


Your budget is the next consideration when thinking of your wedding bouquet. It should not be too costly. You can project elegance even without spending too much. A good tip is getting flowers that are in season. They are less expensive than the other kinds. If you still want to get lavish flowers but are on a tight budget, buy a few pieces and place them at the center of ordinary flowers to accentuate the arrangement. Mixing them can create a new style without sacrificing your personal preference.


The theme of your special event is important in matching your arrangement. Think of what you'd want to project on the day itself. In today's weddings, garden, beach, sky and even under-the-sea weddings are becoming more prevalent. You can extend your options to wild and exotic flowers and not only to the farm grown types.

Favorite Color and Flowers

This occasion is your day. No matter what your family or friends tell you about the best arrangements out there, you still have the last say. Your favorites should be parts of your consideration. No bride would like to spend her most important day seeing colors and flowers that do not reflect her personality. In picking your favorites, keep in mind that some flowers cannot have all the variety of colors you want and that the price varies with it. The more unique the colors, the higher the probable cost of your wedding bouquet.

Keeping these tips in mind will help you decide easier. Whatever design you choose, you must be very comfortable with it. Remember that the wedding bouquet is just an accessory to your overall appearance. Keep it simple yet elegant. Do not let it overpower you. People should be looking at your face and not on the flowers you're holding.