Tips for Having Your Wedding Abroad

Having a wedding abroad is a unique and thrilling experience. The chance to marry the one you love in an exotic setting is a great way to start your new life together. Unfortunately, there are a lot of obstacles that can get in the way when planning a wedding such as this. With the help of some simple tips, you can minimize the hassles and focus on the joy of being with friend, family, and joining lives with the one you love.

Give Plenty of Notice

If your wedding abroad is going to consist of more than just you and your partner, then it is essential that you give your family and friends plenty of notice. You need to take into account that they will likely have to ask for time off work, arrange travel details, and even stow away some extra cash for the trip. Giving them at least six months notice is the fair and respectful thing to do.

Get Your Paperwork in Order

While having your wedding overseas is an attractive option, you need to take into account the paperwork that will be needed in order to make your marriage legal once you return. If you fail to have the correct paperwork once you arrive at the wedding destination, you may have to cancel the event or find yourself not legally married once you are home. A few phone calls and a little bit of research will go a long way to ensure that you have the papers and materials that you will need.

Work with a Wedding Planner

Since you will not have a lot of time before the wedding in your overseas destination, it is important to work with a wedding planner that is local to the area over the phone or computer, so that they can make sure all of the details are in order before you arrive. Since you will not be present for most of the planning and decoration process, try to choose a planner than fully understands your needs and desires.

Use the Local Culture

Half the fun of having a wedding abroad is being able to take advantage of your surroundings and the culture of the individuals around you. Try to incorporate small details of this culture and its traditions into your wedding to make it even more memorable and fun. Having a wedding in an exotic location that is just like one you would have at home is a waste of money and location.

Keep Everyone Informed

Overseas weddings require a lot of planning and organization. If you fail to update your guests or wedding party of the exact details of your wedding day and travel details, you will likely end up with someone missing or other undesired problems. Keeping an online website that everyone is free to visit is a wonderful way to update everyone immediately if any changes are made.

A wedding abroad is a once in a lifetime chance. Getting to tie the knot with that special someone in a foreign country is a unique and rewarding experience. With some careful planning and utilization of tips like the ones above you can be sure to have a dream wedding that goes off without a hitch.