Throwing a Successful Bachelorette Party

You can increase the fun element in wedding celebrations by arranging a successful bachelorette party. Friends or cousins of the bride-to-be are given the task to arrange this party. It's a good and lighthearted event.

The Guest List

It's always wonderful to include two or three friends. Make sure they agree to organize and prepare everything in advance. Initially you need to make a list of people whom you want to invite to the party. It's better to consult all the guests for their availability on the due date and participation in the bachelorette party. Always show some flexibility on date of the party so all guests can participate and enjoy. While making the list you should always keep in mind the bride-to-be. Include all the people whom she would like to be there, even if they are not your favorite.

The prospective In-Laws

The invitation must also include some prominent in laws. However make sure not to over do it. The bride should be the key focus, and she should be able to enjoy herself without being self-conscious.


There are some people who should not be invited. The diplomatic way of handling this is to arrange the event in such a way that undesirable guests would not be able to make it. This is a difficult issue that should be handled with care.


The location has to be easily access for everyone. It's best to ask the bride for the location of the bachelorette party. You can help her out by suggesting a few locations; give her a handful of choices to pick from. The party should not be held at a jam-packed place. The weather should also be kept in mind. It is a good idea to arrange the party in the same city.

The budget

You should also consider budget of the party. Remember; avoid spending too much on the bachelorette party because it is part of the wedding. It is not the actual wedding, which is the main event. It is advisable not to overspend. Make the list of things that you might need, make a few phone calls. You will know the cost of the whole event soon.


Many things could be done for the party. Following are a few suggestions for the day.

  1. Meeting at a night club or comedy club
  2. Pole dance or strip dance lesson
  3. Bus or fire engine party
  4. Party games and treats

Food & Drink

The food and wine list should reflect the taste of the bride. Mostly it will depend upon the location. If you are arranging the event at home this will mean that you will have to arrange the food and drink delivery in time. The food must be served in the best possible temperature. You must visit the restaurant before time and check their service early and to make adjustments if required.


The bride-to-be should be celebrated for her best qualities while best wishes should be given to her for the wedding. The fun and excitement should be kept alive during the party. So plan the time accordingly.

Gifts & Surprises

It's a good idea to include some surprise gifts for the bride-to-be and guests.

The bottom line is if some things do not go as planned it will not be a bad thing. Just stay cool and enjoy the party.