Things the Mother of the Groom Can Do to Help

Generally speaking, the mother of the groom is responsible for coordinating her wedding attire with that of the bride's mother. She is also responsible for hosting the rehearsal dinner at her home, a restaurant or hotel.

If she has the time, resources, and desire, she can also have a tremendous influence on the outcome of the entire wedding and reception. If the bride's mother is deceased, or her attendants are flying in at the last moment, the mother of the groom can offer to step in and be helpful in five important ways.


Be patient with the bride, your future daughter-in-law. If she passes on your suggestion of a flower girl, in favor of someone you don't know, cheerfully accept her decision. You are laying the foundation for your future relationship with her and your son as a couple.

Choosing Attire

The bride may need assistance in selecting a gown, veil, shoes and jewelry. She may be torn between a gown that she loves but needs extensive alterations, and one that fits perfectly but doesn't suit her figure type. An objective opinion is usually well received during such an emotional time.

Handling Invitations

The mother of the groom can be very helpful in addressing invitations, going to the post office, keeping track of the groom's relatives by phone and by mail.

Handling the Favors

Wedding favors and place cards can be time consuming to prepare. The groom's mother can pitch in, or even offer to help select some of the more practical wedding favors available today such as: candles, wine charms, coasters, luggage tags, letter openers, and leather bookmarks.

Aleve the Stress

The mother of the groom can be helpful if the bride or groom become too stressed out before the wedding. She can offer to baby sit any small children from a previous wedding, so the couple can eat dinner out or take in a movie. Or, after a day of wedding shopping frenzy, the mother of the groom can prepare dinner for the tired, but happy couple.