The Right Wedding Cake Topper--How Do You Decide?

Wedding cake toppers are the crowning glory of your wedding cake. They can be simple, traditional or outrageous, depending on what you are looking for.

The tradition of topping the cake with something like this has been done for more than a century and even dates back farther than that in many cultures. The question is, what should you put on the top of your wedding cake? There are many options to consider, will you select a keepsake to pass on for generations... or an outrageous and funny scene everyone will be talking about for years to come?

The Traditional Wedding Cake Toppers


The traditional wedding cake toppers are figures of the bride and the groom. They are often dressed in wedding attire and while older versions had little customization, today you will find a huge assortment of cake toppers to select from, to help you to get every detail right, from the color of the skin to culture, race, and even religious affiliations. You can find grooms carrying brides over the threshold, you can find couples dancing, or, simply standing together side-by-side hand-in-hand.

Flowers, Candles and Bells

Another traditional option is to top the cake with fresh or silk flowers, candles or even wedding bells. Doves are sometimes used is the symbol for infinity. Any symbol of love or marriage can easily be placed on top of a wedding cake and it will look quite appropriate.

Looking For Something Unique or Funny?

Pets, BBQs, Sports and Beach Themes

On the other hand, perhaps you are looking for one that is more unique and even out of this world in terms of design and structure. From humorous options to those involving pets, sports, BBQs or beaches, there are many unique wedding cake toppers readily available to fill your needs. If you love your cat and dog, you can find a topper featuring one of each. If you met at a BBQ, locate one with the man at the Q and the woman standing next to him. If you love the beach, you might get a topper from your favorite one.

Personalized – The Ultimate in "Unique"

If you are still struggling to find the right looking cake topper, you may want to consider having one custom made for you. Many of the online retailers can help you come up with one that represents you and your soon to be spouse perfectly.