The Pros and Cons of Double Weddings

Double weddings can be a wonderful idea or a curse that ruins your whole experience. There are many things that should be considered if you are thinking of having a double wedding with a friend or family member. Below are the most common pros and cons that can be experienced with double weddings. Consider these facts before making the decision that you feel is best for your situation.


One of the biggest benefits of the double wedding is the sharing of the costs. Things become much more affordable when there are two couples splitting the cost instead of one. Suddenly, you may find yourselves being able to have a much more elaborate wedding than originally planned or take a more extravagant honeymoon with the money you saved in your budget. This can be very appealing to couples who otherwise would have to balance a very small budget by themselves.

Another big benefit that is gained when you have a double wedding is the total support that you get from the other couple. This is especially important to brides, who have most of the burden to bear when planning a wedding. They can lean on each other for help getting through the various tasks and planning suddenly seems fun and not so stressful.

When you share a wedding you also get to experience the happiest day of your life with someone that you love right by your side. If you are sharing your wedding with a best friend or sibling, this could be a dream come true, especially if you have experienced everything else in life together.

Have support and plenty of help, more affordable and get be more lavish, share something special with the one you love


While there are a lot of benefits that can be gained from a double wedding, there are also several disadvantages that could end up ruining the big day for one or both couples involved. One of the biggest cons involved are the differing styles and ideas for the wedding. It is rare to find two couples with the exact same idea of what they want in a wedding. If the two couples are not able to come together and compromise in a way that allows them both to get what they want, one couple is sure to walk away unhappy.

Another factor to consider is that you will be sharing the spotlight on your special day. This means that everyone will not solely be looking at you, but will also be sharing their well wishes and congratulations with the other couple as well. If you are the type of person who wants to be the center of attention on their wedding day, then this type of ceremony is not for you.

Depending on your individual situation, a double wedding can prove to be a blessing or a curse. The information above gives you both the good and bad aspects of dual ceremonies, so that you can decide what is best for you.