The Most Flattering Hairstyles for Your Wedding Day

For your wedding day, you will not only want to look beautiful for your groom, you want to feel confident you are looking your best for the wedding photos as well. This will mean finding just the right hairstyle to complement your wedding theme, your personality and your dress. There are so many hairstyles to choose from, it may be hard to decide which will look best on you.

A Glamorous Look

If you are looking for a bold, sophisticated look, then you should research glamorous hairstyles. No matter if you have long, flowing tresses or a short and chic do, you can find a glamorous hairstyle for your wedding to make you look like a movie star on your special day. An up-do is very glamorous, and brings to mind a princess going to meet her handsome prince. You can wear your hair simply and glam it up with some elegant and unique hair ornaments.

Going for Romance

You can look like you are ready for romance when you choose a hairstyle that is heavily sprayed and has strategically placed hair pins to elevate your hair off of your neck. You will look like a dream with loose tendrils framing your face and lovely jewels sparkling atop your head. Short hair can be loosely curled to gently frame your face and topped with a tiara that sparkles like the stars; you will be the picture of romance.

Casual or Beach Hairstyles

For those whose weddings are not going to be as formal such as a beach wedding, wearing your hair long and loose or with braids shot with seashells or flowers entwined is the perfect touch. Short and sassy will look just as beautiful framed by a headband of colorfully hued blooms.

How to Avoid Post-Veil Hair

If you are considering removing your veil after your ceremony, think about what your hair will look like when it comes off. Will your hair be flattened, will the style be wrecked? This is another thing you need to consider when you are deciding what type of hairstyle to wear on your wedding. An easy solution is to fasten your veil under your hairstyle instead of atop an updo. Be sure you or your maid of honor or one of the bridesmaids brings along a small brush, hairspray and a batch of hair pins to ensure that you can keep your hairstyle throughout the ceremony and beyond.