The Icing on the Cake: Choosing Cake Icing for Wedding Cakes

When it comes to weddings, the wedding cake is one of the parts that guests look forward to. Of course, more than just putting on a show for the enjoyment of guests, you take the time to choose a wedding cake because it is one of the most prominent symbols in a wedding. But while a traditional symbol, wedding cakes can also be an avenue for the bride and the groom to express their little quirks.

Love video games? You can have your wedding cake shaped out into a gaming console complete with gamepads. Adore teddy bears? You can use Forever Friends as a theme for your wedding cake. That is your wedding cake so you are free to choose whatever design you want. Whether you go traditional or quirky anyway, at the end of it all, wedding cakes will still symbolize your union.

Choosing Cake Icing

The icing can make or break a cake so it is important for you to choose the right combination of cake and icing. There are popular icing options usually used in weddings though so those would be a good place for you to start. Whatever you choose anyway, you will be given a sample so you can taste for yourself how your wedding cake will turn out. Some of the icing options you can consider include:


Buttercream is generally one of the most popular of icing options for cakes for all occasions. Aside from being capable of blending with a wide range of cakes, buttercream also offers the most value for money when it comes to cake prices per slice. The texture is creamy and smooth but not overly sweet. It is quite soft so it is easy to cut yet it holds perfectly for different kinds of cake decorations. Buttercream icing is made with butter so if you choose this, your wedding cake will have to be placed in a cool-enough area. If you're having an outdoor reception, shortening can be exchanged for butter to ensure your wedding cake does not run and drip.


Fondant is probably the most versatile of the icings out there so it is also a very, very popular choice. Combining glycerin, gelatin, corn syrup, and sugar, fondant is rolled out in sheets and then wrapped around the wedding cake that's why it has that smooth, clean texture and finish. Because it stays firm, fondant is used as well for cake decorations.

Whipped Cream

Whipped cream as icing will lend a beautiful texture to your wedding cake but because it is soft and light, it will not keep for long with heat and humidity around. As such, discuss to have refrigeration arrangements made if you insist on having this icing so that it will keep until served.

Royal Icing

You may encounter royal icing in your search for wedding cakes but please be guided that it is usually used for decorations only and not for the entire cake as it dries hard. The flowers, latticework, beading, and other decorations you see on cakes are usually made from royal icing.

Spun Sugar, Marzipan, and Pastillage

Like royal icing, these three kinds of icing are usually reserved for cake decorations. And because they are made out of sweets, using these kinds of icing will require that your wedding cake be refrigerated in order for it to hold.