The FAQs of Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Planning a wedding can be nerve wracking enough without the added hassle of trying to keep all of the rules straight. Invitations are probably one of the things that you must do when planning your special day that have the most rules and standards associated with them.

The FAQs of wedding invitation etiquette below can help you do things correctly and avoid breaking one of the many rules involved.

How Many Invitations Should Be Sent If Two People Live in The Same Home?

If the two people in question are a couple but not married, then it is acceptable to send one invitation addressed to both of them with their names arranged in alphabetical order on different lines. However, if the two people are simply roommates or a parent with a child over the age of 18, then they should receive two separately addressed invites.

Is a Separate Reception Card Necessary?

If your wedding and reception will be held in the same place, then it is not necessary to have a separate reception card. Instead, a small sentence can be added at the bottom of the invitation to announce the reception and when it will be held. Even if you plan to have the reception in a different location, it is still acceptable to add the required information to the invitation.

Should You Mention A Deceased Parent On Your Invitation?

According to proper wedding invitation etiquette, invitations should be presented by those who are responsible for hosting the wedding itself. For this reason, you should not mention a deceased parent, but can honor them with a special note in a program at the wedding or in a short memorial mention if needed.

Is it Necessary to Have the Return Address Listed on the Back of the Envelope?

It is customary to have your return address printed on the back flap of your envelopes. The postal service advises this so that undeliverable mail may be returned to the sender. It also provides your guests with a way to send an RSVP or gift if no response card was included with your invitation.

Can You Include Gift Registry Information With the Invitation?

You should never include any kind of information regarding gifts with your wedding invitation. It is considered rude to include this information, instead let the information be circulated later, or send out an additional mailing.

How Far in Advance Should Wedding Invitations Be Sent?

Proper wedding invitation etiquette states that invitations should be sent out at least eight weeks before the date of the wedding. This allows for them to have plenty of time to plan travel arrangements and time off.

Wedding invitation etiquette can be hard to understand and adhere to at times. The FAQs above are just a few of the common courtesies that should be followed when inviting guests to your special event. If you adhere to these tips, then you can avoid making a faux pa that you may regret later.