The Big Date for the Big Day: Setting a Wedding Date

Weddings are one of the most beautiful things you'll ever witness. But before you get around to exchanging your vows, you'll be experiencing a whole lot of craziness first. Ever wondered why bridezillas exist? It's because every woman wants her wedding to be perfect, and will go through any means to achieve that. It is your day, after all. There are a lot of things you will have to go through in planning for a wedding but first things first--you have to set a date for your wedding.

Since you want friends and family to be part of your wedding, you will have to work your wedding date around everyone's schedule. But remember, it is your wedding so you should solely determine, in the end, what your wedding date will be. Here are some things for you to consider in setting a wedding date:

Your Honeymoon

If you want to bask in the sun after your wedding, then don't schedule a wedding during the cooler days of the year. If you're off to an island, do check as well when the monsoon season. There's nothing wrong with being cooped up in a room with your spouse but the rain will definitely dampen your trip.

Work Schedules

You and your lovely spouse-to-be will have to take time off from work at least a week before your wedding and will extend up to the time you get back from your honeymoon. Don't schedule your wedding then during the busiest time in your office. This will also prevent people from calling you up and taking up your time when you could just be walking through the cobblestones of Paris in peace with your new partner in life in tow.

Days of the Week

Saturdays are the best for weddings because people generally don't have work on the weekends so everyone is free to just celebrate with you. No one really needs to have to take time off from work and guests coming from outside of town can stay for the night easily. Weddings held on weekdays though may help you save on costs a bit since churches generally have cheaper rates for weekday schedules.


Take advantage of long weekends so everyone has more time to celebrate with you. But because you have extra days to the weekend, you also get more time to rest after your wedding and before you go off to your honeymoon.