The Advantages of Having a Hidden Camera Wedding

Many couples look for a way to make their wedding day special and unique. In keeping with that tradition, a hidden camera wedding is becoming more popular each day.

Offering an exciting twist on a regular ceremonial event, the taping of the wedding is not done in a traditional way by a videographer, but in a secret and unexpected manner. If you are looking for a way to shake things up a little on your special day, then think outside the box and consider the advantages of a hidden camera at your wedding.

Saves Money

Wedding photographers and videographers often cost hundreds and thousands of dollars depending on what package you choose for your event. This is a budget that many couples simply do not have to work with. That is why the idea of a hidden camera wedding appeals to many individuals. When you use this method, all you have to do is rent or borrow several good quality video cameras, provide them with tapes or DVDs, and have a friend with technical abilities set them up on tripods in locations around the venue. This allows you to save a large amount of money and still get good quality lasting memories from all aspects of the room.

Eliminates Stress

One of the last things that any bride needs on her wedding day is stress. A hidden camera wedding eliminates much of the stress that the taping of the ceremony can cause. For instance, you won’t have to deal with last minute plans if your photographer is unable to show up, and you will not have to constantly worry if he is getting the shots you desire. With your strategically placed cameras, you are ensured the shots and angles that you want without fail or worry.

Provides Variety

Instead of one shot of your wedding as seen the way that the videographer pictured, you will receive many different perspectives and view points with a hidden camera wedding. Thanks to the varying locations of each of the cameras, you don’t get the same old boring and traditional view, you get varying shots and angles that will help you to appreciate your ceremony in a variety of ways.

Works Well for Destination Weddings

Often when you decide to have your wedding in a location other than your current town or city, it can increase the stress of finding reliable vendors to service your needs. This is equally true for videographers in foreign locations. Instead of worrying about finding a reputable business that can provide what you need in a new and different atmosphere, you can simple employ the hidden camera method to get the footage that you want without the hassle and pain.

There are many reasons why couples are choosing to have a hidden camera wedding. Some of the main advantages of this technique can be found above, and provide food for thought for those couple looking for a care free way to solve their wedding video needs.