Technology and Weddings: A Wonderful Union

The white dress, the flowers, the music that fills the air, the ring that signifies forever, the buckets of salty and sweet tears, and the two words every man and woman in love hopes to hear and say -- I do. That picture perfect wedding is what couples all wish to have. Whether it be simple or grand, a good wedding must be memorable to all those who witness it.

Like many others such as fashion, gadgets, music, and more, weddings keep up with the trend and changing times. The bride and groom, along with the wedding planner and the entire crew, plan weddings according to their needs and preferences. All the meaningful troubles for one of the, if not the most, memorable days in one's life.

Since this is the internet age, couples and wedding planners look to the internet for inspiration and ideas for weddings. These information are shared by those who were married, wedding planners, and those who just have a knack for weddings. From the outfit, reception, church, down to the motif and theme, there are several wedding websites and blogs that host information and ideas for that picture perfect wedding. All that is needed to be done is type in the search bar of Google.

During the planning itself, modern technology also helps a lot. Transactions are made easier through the internet and cellphones. Several commercial businesses and wedding necessities are searchable in the internet from photographers, videographers, florists, designers, and even caterers. Couples who keep a wedding blog can easily update the guests on how the planning is going. Other people can also comment and give ideas to make the dream day more interesting. Sharing photos, ideas, and experience can likewise help other couples in planning their wedding.

So there are guests who can't make it to the wedding day. Some are busy or even halfway across the world. Technology can also play a role. Live connections or video conferencing can be set on the wedding hall, church, or reception so others can watch through the internet. It's a virtual wedding and all guests can come and see. DVDs can also be produced for the guests and families to watch after the wedding. This way, everything is also documented.

It's amazing how weddings can be made easy and enhanced by modern technology. That dream wedding is one click, one step closer to reality. Just remember that it's not simply about the dress and all the pretty white things. What matters most is the vows that two people make to love for a lifetime, long after the photos fade.