Steps in Choosing the Dress for your Bridesmaids

A perfect wedding involves every aspect of the event. It is not just about the bride, there are other significant people to think of as well. For one, the bridesmaids are the bride's secondary sponsors; therefore, they need to look as gorgeous as the bride on the day itself.

After the bride chooses her wedding gown, it is then time to shift the attention to the dresses of her bridesmaids. Since most brides want the whole wedding to coordinate with the theme, choosing a matching dress for the secondary sponsors need careful attention. To make things easier for the bride, here are the steps she might want to follow.

1. Set Your Budget

Setting your budget is the initial step in choosing the dress for your bridesmaid. Since there are about four or five of them, you have to allocate your funds well. Keep in mind not to spend too much on these since you still have other expenses coming. If your secondary sponsors will be shouldering the cost of the dress, you have to be careful not to exceed their budget. A gown that is around $200 is reasonable enough for the occasion. Do not compromise your bridesmaids to pay more than this. Remember that they have other financial obligations other than spending for your wedding.

2. Look for Ideas

Once you've set your budget, look for different designs in magazines, online sites and from different designers. Having as many sources as possible helps you have a wider variety of choices and can help you find the most suitable style to meet your taste. Take advantage of free online sites to create an idea for the dress of your bridesmaids.

3. Consult your bridesmaids

When you already have all the possible designs on hand, consult your bridesmaids about their ideas and personal opinions. Remember that they will be the one wearing the dresses, not you, so better make sure that they are comfortable wearing them. Entertain their suggestions and think of ways on how you can accommodate their requests.

4. Choose the design

After gathering the ideas for your bridesmaids' dresses, you can now choose the design. However, you still have to consider the body build of your secondary sponsors. Although there is no one size for all, you can have one style for everyone. Think of a style that will match their different body features. Knee-length formal wear will look nice on both the petite and tall ladies. Tube-top designs also look good for both types. You can also consider the use of shawls if they want to cover up some parts of their body or add character to the outfit.

5. Choose the color

It would be nice if the color of the formalwear matches the motif of your wedding. Some couples choose two or more colors. If you have several colors as your theme, you can just choose one or two from them for the dresses. You can have the option of having different colors of the same design or the same shades in different designs.

Choosing the right dresses for your bridesmaids requires your full attention, just as when you're choosing your wedding gown. However, remember to keep the design simple yet elegant, in a way that their dresses won't outshine yours.