Simple Tips to Reduce Extra Wedding Expenses

Keeping in mind the recent recession; it's best to carefully check and reduce your wedding budget. There are some simple tips to celebrate the wedding without being too extravagant. You can have an affordable wedding by cutting some extra expenses. Generally, an average simple wedding's cost is roughly around $25,000. You can easily increase the budget by putting frills in it. The main idea is to keep a close eye on where the money goes.

Wedding Attire

The cost of the bride, bridesmaids, groom and his friends can also be reduced. There are excellent second hand dress shops like Oxfam. Buy simple dresses from there and decorate with delicate lace, beads and ribbons. You can also borrow dresses and tuxedos from family and friends. Renting is another way to reduce cost as it is cheaper than buying or going for designer wedding dresses. Avoid spending too much money on wedding attire as it can easily ruin your entire wedding cost.

Wedding Presents

Ask friends for things which you really will like to have. It's nice to write a list for this to reduce the practice of gift returning or even re-gifting. In this way you will definitely not get those hideous lamps that everyone gets at weddings. Another good thing is to ask for holiday vouchers to help pay for the honeymoon.

Service & Catering

It is a significant part of any wedding and actually consumes too much of wedding expenses. However you can reduce the cost of catering services by asking friends and family to support you by self-catering or you can ask the students of a local culinary institute to cater and serve for the event. Keep the menu simple; use the cheaper cuts of meat rather then expensive ones. Buy extra food for the guests that might stay fresh after the wedding.

Purchase of Food & Wine

Local and recent wine and cheese could be served instead of expensive ones. Instead of placing an order for expensive cake serve a locally readymade wedding cake. Buy things in advance and ask for delivery the day of the event. It's best to cook and refrigerate food items like finger food.

Some Simple Tips

  1. Make a traditional guest list.
  2. Shop around for bargains on things like the attendants' gifts and favors.
  3. Include the holiday vouchers as a present to be used for the honeymoon.
  4. Ask for a simple invite card.
  5. Use candles as centerpieces rather then flowers.
  6. Wash and clean your own car and use it instead of a hired one.
  7. Ask three or four friends to take photographs or make the video.
  8. Ask any expert friend to apply make up.
  9. Use prerecorded music for the wedding.
  10. Recycle and proficiently use the old Christmas decorations for the day.
  11. You can reduce the transport cost by arranging your wedding at the nearest local location.
  12. Ask friends or neighbors to providing accommodation for guests.

The Family Rings

The Bride and groom could cherish their family treasures such as wedding rings. With little polish and alteration not many could tell the difference between new and the family ring. Therefore, it is an excellent option to celebrate and carry the family tradition and legacy.