Should You Hire a Wedding Planner?

Planning a wedding can be stressful for any bride, especially if she is already busy with her full-time job or is still going to her classes at the university. To lessen your stress levels and to make sure that things are going as planned, you should consider hiring a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is a professional who helps in organizing and planning weddings, making sure that everything is perfect on the day of the event. The fees of a wedding planner can vary--some wedding planners have a flat fee, while others charge a fraction of the total wedding cost, usually 5-10%. The services of the wedding planner can include:

  • Preparation of the wedding budget.
  • Planning a detailed checklist of things and services needed to be done.
  • The list of the wedding guests and RSVP management.
  • Identifying the event venues (bridal shower, bachelor party, wedding ceremony, wedding reception).
  • Hiring and identifying service providers and wedding professionals (makeup artists, dress makers, florists, bakers, caterers, photographers, videographers, entertainment) and preparing contracts for each of them.
  • Assisting and preparing legal documents needed by the couple.
  • Coordination of services and deliveries on the day of the wedding.
  • Coordination of the rehearsals.
  • Selection of the menu and food tasting.
  • Overall design of the venues.
  • Booking the hotel rooms for out-of-town guests.
  • Arrangement of transportation, especially the bridal car.

Of course, you cannot just choose any wedding planner. You and your wedding planner must have a good working relationship so you will get the wedding of your dreams. Here are some tips on choosing your wedding planner:

  • Google is your friend. Find out how many wedding planners are in your area and what services do they provide.
  • You can ask your network of girlfriends, your sister, and other relatives if they know and can recommend a wedding planner.
  • Think about which aspect of the wedding planning you need help in.
  • Think about your wedding budget and how much you are willing to spend.
  • If you have an extensive list of wedding planners, narrow down your choices to five. Give them a call and book an appointment for each of them.
  • Prepare as many questions for the wedding planner you can think of. Ask about their credentials, certifications, and experience.

Some brides have dreamed and have been planning for their wedding since they were little. The wedding is suppose to be the day of the bride and removing the stress of wedding planning can do wonders for you.