Quick and Easy Halloween Themed Wedding Ideas

Not everyone likes to have a traditional wedding. Sometimes the white gown and church setting are not what a couple is looking for. Several couples want their wedding to be a fun and memorable experience that everyone will enjoy and can take part in. A Halloween themed wedding is one option for those who love all things Halloween and also want to make their wedding ceremony and reception special. Here are some wonderful ideas on how to make every part of your Halloween wedding a success.

Consider the Colors

Just because your wedding is based on a Halloween theme, does not mean that you have to stick with the traditional black and orange. In fact, you can get as creative or as formal you like. Red or purple and black can be used for a more formal look. To create a ghostlike spooky effect, go with black, white and different shades of grey. The possibilities are endless with this theme and no matter which you choose your ceremony is bound to be one that guests will never forget.

Favor Tips

When it comes to making the favors for a Halloween themed wedding, you have many fun and entertaining choices available. For instance, trick or treat bags loaded with tea light candles and tons of candy is a wonderful idea. Laying various props and treats around the reception area for your guests to enjoy and take with them is another great idea as well. Fake vampire teeth, shrunken heads, and mini cauldrons filled with treats are just a few of the novelty items you can use to not only decorate but treat your guests as well.

Decoration Ideas

The decoration ideas for a Halloween themed wedding are endless. You can have your wedding in a backyard or other outside venue and create a cemetery as your staging area for the ceremony. Have rows of tombstones marking the entrance to each row of seats, and string Halloween colored lights in the neighboring trees. If you want to have a fairly normal indoor setting for the wedding, simple use heavy drapes of black and red and perhaps a coffin or two to give the illusion of a spooky vampire’s lair while keeping things toned down. Remember, it is your wedding and you can get as crazy as you like.

Food Tips

There are hundreds of recipes for food that would perfectly fit a Halloween themed wedding. Placing ice cubes with small fake insects within them in the punch bowl is a great idea, as is dirt cake with a fake hand and gummy worms coming out of the bowl. Fake bloody fingers can be made out of hot dogs and ketchup, and peanut butter filled celery sticks with raisins on top can serve as sticks with ants on them. This is one of the easiest parts of the wedding to tie in to the Halloween theme and your guests are guaranteed to get a kick out of all the unique themed food.

A Halloween themed wedding is a wonderful way to make your wedding ceremony and reception unique and fun for your guests. From the colors to the food, there are a variety of ways to pull this theme off while having the wedding you have always dreamed of.