Questions to Ask Before Saying "I Do"

Wedding day bliss, what a wonderful thing. The excitement, the plans, the wedding obligations begin to take on a life of their own, easily redirecting the focus from the marriage onto the wedding day. Since the common goal is for a marriage that lasts considerably longer than the wedding day here is a look at 21 questions to ask yourself before saying "I Do."

Questions to aid the bride and groom to do some inner house work before the big wedding day:

  1. How do I feel about myself when I am with this person?
  2. What do I want most from this marriage?
  3. Do I really feel happy inside myself right now?
  4. What am I bringing to the table?
  5. Do I want children with this union?
  6. Do I feel spiritually connected to my mate?
  7. Am I free to be and express myself in this relationship?
  8. Have I let go of past hurts and pains?
  9. Can I laugh at myself?
  10. Do I love my body just the way it is, even if there may be room for improvement?
  11. Do I take time to listen to my mate?
  12. Am I willing to support my mate's choices?
  13. Do I have healthy financial habits right now?
  14. Am I willing and able to share my emotional self?
  15. Do I take responsibility for the things that go wrong in my life?
  16. Do I look for reasons to be happy?
  17. Do I look for reasons to hold a grudge?
  18. Do other people feel safe around me?
  19. Can I lovingly communicate "no" when I need to?
  20. Are my current children valued and respected by my mate?
  21. Can I look into my own eyes using a mirror and tell myself out loud "I love you."

How did you do with your answers? Are these questions you have truthfully answered for yourself before? Would you feel comfortable sharing your answers with your mate?

The key to a healthy long lasting marriage is to know thyself. It's not sound judgement to expect someone to make an informed decision about marrying you if you don't even know yourself?

Marriage works best when two joyful people come together, two people willing to do their own personal inner work. This allows the couple to share themselves unconditionally. Out of the many times your life will change and evolve, the fact that you are the source of your happiness takes the pressure off setting your mate up for this impossible task.

Do you want to grow closer to your mate? Do you want to experience the extraordinary in the ordinary? Do you want to enter the deeper dimensions of love?

If your answer is unequivocally yes, then doing your inner work will undoubtedly attract a mate worthy of you saying I Do, for a good marriage allows each individual to be guardian over their own joy and happiness.