Pros and Cons of a Las Vegas Wedding

For some people a Vegas wedding is an original and romantic thing to do and for some it is a sleazy way to tie the knot. Is getting married in Las Vegas a good idea?


A wedding day is an important day and should be remembered as one of the best parties a person had in his life. In order to have a good party, a lot of planning needs to be done and a lot of decisions need to be made. These decisions can not be taking lightly and usually take time to be fully completed. This is why weddings are planed months ahead, so it will be perfect.

When a couple get married in Las Vegas they have no control over the music played (which will probably be an Elvis hit), the food served (if in fact there is any food to be served) or the people present (which are mostly other couple who have made the same mistake as them).

Another problem with getting married in Vegas is the limited guest list. Of course you can invite who ever you want to your wedding and no one can tell you not to. But there is a limit on how many people can fit inside the "Elvis Chapel" at a time, plus I seriously doubt that guests will travel hundreds of miles to attend a 5 minute ceremony.

Let us say all these things do not matter to you and you have already decided you want to do it differently from a conventional wedding, because you want to do something out of the ordinary and unique. But I am not sure you will feel that unique and different when you stand in line to get married with dozens of other couples waiting to do the same.


As we have already established, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, but is it important enough to spend all you money on it? And what about the life to follow this great day, is that not as important?

Many couples spend all their money and energy on an event that will last for only a few hours and for many people it is simply not worth all the trouble. And do not forget the emotional aspect of the whole event, you plan and organize all the little details and after that you have to face the harsh truth, the party is definitely over.

When you go and have your wedding ceremony in Las Vegas, you take under consideration that many of the obvious guests (distant aunts and cousins) that would normally be at your wedding will not be able or will choose not to attend you wedding. That way you can get rid of people you do not want at your wedding without being considered rude for not inviting them in the first place.


To be brutally honest, there are not any conclusions, but only the individual decision of the couple itself. The important thing is to make the most of it without getting too drunk and do not forget the "happily ever after" part.