Professional Wedding Photography Styles & Techniques

There are four main styles of wedding photography: portraiture, soft focus, natural light, and photojournalism. While "portraiture" is the most widely chosen photography format, you may prefer to use alternate or multiple techniques.


Portraiture is the most widely used format to photograph weddings. This style is used for your formal pictures where posing and precision must be implemented.

Soft Focus

Do you remember how your favorite soap opera character happened to fall into a coma due to the notorious "brain tumor" technique? There's always someone else in the room, holding the victim's hand, preparing to zone out into flashback land.

The picture fades, the melodrama kicks in, and a pictorial slide-show begins. As we watch the fine couple through the history of their relationship we can't help but admire the romantic mood that has blanketed us.

Well that romantic, dreamlike visual with the pale lighting is what is called soft focus photography. Photographers use a special lens to create such a mood, which is the standard in modern wedding photography.

Natural Light

Natural light is not simulated through the use of a camera flash. The lighting is provided by the natural setting, such as the sun, moonlight, and street lamps. Such precise photography is usually reserved for portrait photography and not weddings.


Life magazine is a perfect example of photojournalism. This style was born within the news media, and successfully transferred in many other areas of photography: including weddings. Rather than posing for your pictures (portraiture), the photographer will follow you throughout your wedding day capturing events spontaneously.