Presenting the Wedding Rings

When you walk down the aisle, you have one thing on your mind. You are there to wed the person that you love and cherish. The last thing on your mind is where the wedding rings are until the official asks for the rings.

Since you have many options for whose has the wedding rings, you have less to worry about and more time to worry about saying your vows right. You can have the best man hold the rings or a miniature groom. The rings can be displayed on a satin pillow secured with a ribbon or maybe, you do want to keep your own rings.

Miniature Groom

Many couples want a miniature bride and groom. The girl usually throws petals out as the two walk down the aisle, while the boy will carry a pillow with the wedding rings secured by a ribbon. The miniature bride and grooms are so cute and add something to the wedding.

If you have wedding rings, you can have the miniature groom in charge of the rings. There are many different ways to display the rings when you use a little groom for this task. The miniature bride and groom will be by your side through the entire ceremony.

Best Man or Groom

If you think that the miniature bride and groom should only be for show, than you may want the best man to carry the rings. The best man can keep the rings in his pocket until he is asked for them. This is common for weddings that have no miniature bride and groom as well.

Sometimes, the groom will keep his and her rings in his pocket as well, but this is only in small weddings. You can choose which way will work the best for you. Before you make a choice, you should know the different ways the wedding rings can be displayed.

The Display of the Rings

Displaying the wedding rings until the official asks for them can be done in many different ways. The most common way to display the rings is on a white satin pillow with a white ribbon holding them in place. This would be the pillow that the miniature groom would carry. Another way to display the rings is in a velvet case or in a velvet bag. Many couples have used the miniature bride with a velvet pouch to carry the rings. Since it is your wedding and your rings, you can choose the best way to present the rings until they are asked for.

The wedding rings are an important part of the ceremony and you do not want anything to happen to them while you wait to give them to each other. You can use the miniature bride or groom, the best man or the groom to keep the rings safe. You can display the rings on a pillow, keep them private in a velvet box, or pouch until you are ready to give them to each other after you say your vows.