Planning the Wedding Music

The music that is played before, during and after the wedding ceremony should be what the bride and groom choose together. The music is a very important part of the ceremony. You can choose almost any music that you want, but some churches do have a say in the music you choose.

You can have an organist, a guitarist or a pianist at the ceremony. You can also have a vocalist to sing that special song before, during or after the ceremony. There are many selections for music, but there are some popular songs that people choose for their wedding day.

Before the Ceremony

The music that you choose for before the wedding ceremony will be played for your guests that are seated before the actual ceremony starts. You can choose the music that you like to be played during this time. There are many places to find music that is commonly played before a wedding ceremony. If you are having an organist or a vocalist, they can help you choose the music to be played. The music will play until it is time for you to walk down the aisle.

During the Ceremony

As you what down the aisle, you will have the wedding march. This is something that every bride selects. Then there are the songs that are played or sang during the ceremony. You can have someone sing or you may just want the organist to play a song. The music for lighting the unity candle is also one that expresses love. You can select any songs that you want for the ceremony, but if you are having a church wedding, there may be some songs that you cannot use during the ceremony. You can talk to the official of the ceremony to see if there are any songs not allowed.

After the Ceremony

After you have been pronounced man and wife, you will walk down the aisle to wait for your guests to congratulate you. You will have music for the walk down the aisle and maybe some other music playing until all guests have left the church. There are usually the main song and then one or two others. You can choose almost any song for the walk down the aisle as husband and wife. Many places will not have any restrictions on the music since the ceremony is complete.

When you start planning your wedding, you need to talk with the organist or vocalist to select the music that you will have during the ceremony. You may have some music that you want to have sung or played. However, you must give your music selection to the minister or other official performing the wedding to make sure that the music is appropriate. Some churches will have a list of music you could use and some music that they do not allow. It is always best to talk with everyone involved in the wedding about the music you will play. This way, there are no misunderstandings on your wedding day.