Planning the Reception Music

The wedding is over and you have become husband and wife. Now it is time for the reception and a time to relax and enjoy family and friends. You will have the dinner and then usually about eight or so, the entertainment starts.

Where you have a DJ or a band, you will want to have a list of music that should be played throughout the night. There are dances for the bride, dances for the groom and dances that the bride and groom do together. You may have thought you were done performing, but you have a few more things to do before you retire for the day.

Brides Dances

The bride will choose a song that she and her father will dance. This is a single dance with just the bride and her father or fathers. Then the bride may request any song for the throwing of the bouquet. There are standard songs to play for this event, but some brides may want something different.

Grooms Dances

The groom will choose and song for his mother and himself to dance. This is the mother and son dance. Again, this is a single dance and only the groom and his mother are on the dance floor. Then the groom will select the music for the garter belt removal and throw. The DJ or band may have some songs for this event, but again, the groom may have something else to play.

Both Bride and Groom Dances

The bride and groom will dance one song together. Then the wedding party will join them for the second song. The third song will be for all guests to join the couple on the dance floor. The bride and groom then have the dollar dance. Pick enough songs for this part of the dancing. Everyone will want to give a dollar to dance with the bride and the groom.

Then you can choose the party songs that you want to have played. Whatever you do, do not forget the Worm, Chicken Dance and the Locomotion. These are the songs that will give you some incredible pictures to remember your friends and family by in years to come. People usually make these dances funny and enjoyable to watch.

The rest of the music is up to you or the DJ or band. The last song of the night is usually played right before the bride and groom are ready to leave. This can be a sweet love song to start the honeymoon. By this time, you will have had enough dancing and be ready to retire for the night.

The music for the reception can be fun to choose. You can plan different times for the music to play and if you have a DJ, you can request some participation from him or her regarding the music. You will have a long night, so remember to spread the dancing out over the time of the reception. Be prepared to do a lot of dancing with your guests and as a couple.