Planning a Small Non-Traditional Wedding

A non-traditional wedding is the perfect way to showcase your uniqueness as a couple. Not everyone is cut out for the perfect cookie cutter wedding that you typically picture when people tie the knot.

There are some great ways that you can have fun planning a wedding that is outside of the traditional theme while still keeping things small and elegant. A small wedding means you have that much more of a budget to work with in order to make your special day as unique and special as possible.

Non-Traditional Wedding Venus

When planning a wedding that is non-traditional, the first step that you should take is to look at the various options for venues. You can go slightly less traditional with choices like a beach, Las Vegas, or even a mountain side, or you can go all out wild and choose to get married at interesting locations such as a theme park ride, while jumping out of a plane, or even while bungee jumping. If you can think it up, it can happen. Non-traditional does not have to mean crazy though and the venue you choose can be as tame or as outrageous as you like.

Non-Traditional Wedding Attire

From bathing suits to tutus, wedding attire for a ceremony that is less than traditional can consist of anything you like. That is the beautiful thing about planning a non-traditional ceremony you have complete freedom to run with whatever plans or desires you may have. For instance, if you have a particular theme to your wedding, you and guests can all dress according to that specific theme. Maybe you still want a classy and elegant wedding without the traditional attire, you could option for a gorgeous evening gown in a bold color instead.

Flower Bouquets and Arrangements

There are options that you can choose for handheld bouquets and decorative arrangements that are far from traditional as well. One example is to have the bride and bride’s maids carry wands instead of flowers, or perhaps even beautiful bunches of greenery. Baskets of fruit or themed decorations such as small dishes with sand and beach decorations can be used in lieu of decorative arrangements around the venue and reception area as well. Put some thought into it, and you can find a way to make your decorations and flowers as non-traditional as the rest of your wedding.

Many people live very different and unique lives every day. Non-traditional weddings are becoming increasingly popular as brides and grooms strive to bring some of their individuality to their wedding ceremony and reception. Instead of following the norm and abiding by the rules of a traditional event, follow tips like the ones above to plan a non-traditional wedding that will provide you with memories that will last a life time.