Photography is an Important Part of the Wedding

You want to have all the memories of your wedding for your wedding album. You want all the pictures starting in the morning of your wedding day to follow you through the day.

If you start the photographer in the morning, he or she can follow you to your hair appointment, then to the church or a house to get dressed for the wedding. You want the pictures to continue throughout the day. You want to capture pictures of every minute of the day. The before, during and after pictures of the wedding ceremony are the ones that you will cherish forever.

Pictures Before the Wedding

Before wedding pictures are just as important as the other pictures. You want to have the memories of getting ready and talking with your bridesmaids and groomsmen. You may have many friends at the wedding that have not been seated that will want pictures of you with them. This is also a time when the photographer will take some individual shots of the bride and her wedding party. Not all brides hide in their dressing rooms before the wedding. They do however stand outside on opposite sides of the building from the groom. Make sure to have plenty of pictures taken.

Pictures During the Wedding

During the ceremony, the photographer will take picture of the seated guests and the brides walk down the aisle. The photographer will cover the lighting of the candles, the exchange of the wedding rings and the first kiss as husband and wife. The photographer will take pictures through the entire ceremony. You will have pictures taken as you turn to the guests and are introduced as husband and wife. Then there will be picture taken of the receiving line where your guests meet you and your new husband.

Pictures After the Wedding

After you have accepted your congrats from your guests, you will have pictures taken in the church. This will include the wedding party and the families of both sides. The pictures will take about an hour or more depending on the size of the wedding and the families. If you will also have outdoors pictures, you may have to travel for those depending on where you choose to have them taken. Then it is onto the reception for more pictures. Then you can relax, but you will still be the subject of many more pictures.

You always want to have a photographer at your wedding. You want to capture the moments before, during and after the ceremony. It is possible to have as many as three thousand or more pictures of your wedding. The photographer will continue taking pictures until the specified time that the two of you agreed on prior to the wedding date. You can then choose the pictures that you will want to have printed for giving to family and friends. Make sure that you have pictures of every aspect of your wedding to remember. These pictures are what you keep for the rest of your life to remember your special day.