Party Invitations and Unique Invites

Finding unique invitation ideas for parties is not easy. Many major companies offers spin-offs on almost every wedding and party theme. However, with some patience and creativity you can develop your own personalized party or wedding invitations that will "wow" your guests.

Brown is definitely not the typical color for party invitations. Unique invitations do not always have to be so very out-of-the-ordinary. A wedding party invitation can be striking without evoking a look that falls far outside the bounds of conventionality.

White makes a striking contrast to specific colors. Imagine using white and mocha in party invitations. "Unique invite" would seem an appropriate description for such an invitation. The same might be said of a wedding party invitation that combined aqua and chocolate. Neither of the above examples strays far from the traditional white or cream-colored wedding invitation.

The personalization of a party invitation adds to its uniqueness. Consider putting a photo of the future bride and groom in the invitation Thanks to the conveniences afforded by present-day technology, a printer can easily produce invitations that contain a carefully selected picture.

Think about the size of the planned party. If it will be a small party, then the party invitations should reflect intimacy. This might be accomplished through use of tone-setting backdrop symbols on the party invitations. "Unique invite" could be the response of the man or woman who received a party invitation that had a background of hearts, roses, lilies or daisies.

In some cultures the wedding party is the event to which friends and family expect to be invited. That is often the case for families in which one or more family members hail from Iran. A future bride who wants to please Iranian-American parents or future in-laws can do so with an attractive party invitation. She might, for example, want to use a border that depicts an arbor vine, a vine accented with citrus fruit.

If you are looking for unique invitations, you should avoid invitations that are supposed to be "perfect for everyone." A unique invitation eschews use of conventional symbols. Not everyone has a church wedding. Not everyone has music played at the wedding ceremony. Not everyone serves champagne at the wedding reception.

Don't suggest such conventionality with a less than unique party invitation.