Mormon Wedding Attire for Guests: What You Should and Should Not Wear

Mormon weddings are generally quite strict as far as tradition and respect goes. Usually, only members of the Mormon temple and faith are allowed to attend a wedding ceremony and even then they must abide by the rules and guidelines of the church when it comes to the attire and progress of the ceremony. If you will be attending a Mormon wedding, then it is essential that you talk to some of your practicing Mormon friends to ensure that you are up to speed about what is considered acceptable attire and what will raise some eyebrows and potentially have you banned from the wedding.

Mormon Wedding Attire for Men

Men have it easier than women when it comes to attending one of these ceremonies. A man can choose to wear a variety of items that will fit the occasion perfectly. A suit with a blazer and buttoned up shirt can be worn, or polo short with a blazer can be substituted with nice fitting dress slacks too.

A short sleeved polo shirt by itself may be seen as too casual, but a long sleeved buttoned up dress shirt alone may suffice. A dress sweater with formal or khaki slacks is also an option as well. The one rule that men should absolutely abide by is to forego wearing a tie. In Mormon ceremonies, only the groom and close family members will wear them.

Mormon Wedding Attire for Women

Women may have a more difficult time finding the perfect outfit that will add uniformity to the wedding while abiding by the rules of the Mormon faith. Whether a dress or skirt is worn, it should always be at least ankle length. No short skirts or dresses should ever be considered, and knee length is not usually a good idea either.

Dresses and blouses should usually always have sleeves, and you should never have bare shoulders, spaghetti strap dresses, or other revealing cuts as well. If you absolutely must wear an outfit that does not have sleeves, then a wrap or sweater should be worn over top of it to respect the traditions of the Mormon people. You can still look beautiful while remaining covered with little skin. Choose something classy or elegant that is not too eye catching or bright.


For men, dress shoes or even loafers are acceptable. Some dressier form of boots may work in some cases as well. Women should remain scaled back with their shoe choices, just as with their choice in clothing. High heels can be worn if necessary, but a better choice would be a plain colored pump without elaborate embellishments. Open toed shoes and sandals are also not a good choice for Mormon wedding attire.

If you have been invited to a Mormon wedding, it is safe to assume that the clothing you choose should differ from what you would normally wear to a friend’s ceremony. Mormon wedding attire is meant to be uniform and to follow some basic guidelines. The tips above can help you plan accordingly and will make sure you do not stand out or embarrass yourself when the big day arrives.