Monograms are an Elegant Addition to Your Invitations

Instead of flowers, hearts and all of the other "ordinary" designs we find on wedding invitations why not order monogram wedding invitations instead? They are surely more personal than simple flowers and add flair to the invitation.

Because it is more personal, a monogram can add ambiance to your wedding invitations thus allowing them to adapt a personality so to speak. They take on the essence of the person who took the time to provide them with some character.

Monograms Stand Out

Everyone has seen wedding invitations with the most common designs; but when you see one with a monogram it will stand out in your mind. Even if it is not the first one you have seen it will still remain with you like any other monogram wedding invitations you have received.

It is not the choice of colors or words but the added touch of the monogram you will remember. It is important when you are planning your wedding to think of the people on your guest list and how they will think of you in years to come. You don't want them to think you didn't put any effort into your wedding invitations nor do you want them to think you over did it and ordered something gaudy that didn't fit in with your theme or colors.

Be Elegant but Simple

Monogram wedding invitations do not need to have additional color or designing unless you want to use a different font on the lettering to set off the invitations better. Perhaps you can add some color to the border of your invitations but nothing bright. You want to keep your monogram wedding invitations simple and elegant so adding as little flash as possible will create the most appeal.

If your monogram is gold or silver, you may want to add a border that matches. Your ink should also match the color of your monogram in order to set it off properly. You may also want to select embossing for a more elegant look. Choosing the right combination of colors will make your monogram wedding invitations stand out in the crowd and create a lasting impression on everyone.