Why Choose a Mixed Wedding Bouquet?

The wedding day is one of the most beautiful and most important in a woman's life and it has to be perfect, which is why thorough planning is required. From the location, to the guest list, from the menu to the flavor and model of the cake, from the wedding dress to the wedding bouquet, every aspect is important and cannot be overlooked.

However, a lot of people seem to neglect the importance of the wedding bouquet, considering it more of an accessory to the wedding dress and, of course, a way to pass on the luck, when thrown away by the bride in order for one of the bachelorettes to catch it.

That little and beautiful bouquet is supposed to make you feel happy and beautiful, it should represent you, from the colors to the arrangements of the flowers it is made of. It should compliment your dress and be a 100% faithful representation of how you feel and what you feel that day.

Most women choose bouquets in the same colors—mostly white—and with a single type of flowers, like roses, lilies, peonies, poppies, zinnias and anemones. But why not choose a beautiful mixed bouquet, with different flowers, even of different colors?

Such a bouquet would make your wedding even more beautiful and would give you the freedom to express yourself, to let the others see the joy, the energy and the hopes that characterize you.

You can combine sweet peonies and roses, if you want to keep it romantic and have a bouquet full of life, to emanate joy and freshness, or, you can choose a golden bouquet, perfect for the summer-autumn months, made of yellow roses—preferably garden ones -, poppies and peonies.

You can also try a pink bouquet, to make you feel young and happy, by combining zinnias, roses and lilies. Another beautiful combination would be of white and blue, with anemones, roses and forget-me-not or lavender flowers.

Or, you can combine only country flowers, of white, blue and yellow colors, spiced up with some 3-5 poppies, in order to create a feeling of complexion. This bouquet is perfect for a spring wedding. Other flowers you can choose from are calla lilies, daffodils and orchids.

You may not see it in the beginning, but mixed bouquets are actually the answer to any prayer. You no longer have to sacrifice the flower you like in order to match the bouquet with your dress or the arrangements, you no longer have to settle for a single, dull nuance: your bouquet can express freedom and sensitivity, your love for nature and the people around you!