Military Weddings – Traditions and Ideas

There is a lot more fuss about traditions and correctness when it comes to military weddings. These weddings are usually planned with the age old military traditions and respect in mind. From the outfits that are worn to the activities that take place throughout the ceremony, there are several things to keep in mind when planning a military wedding for yourself or someone else.

Below you will find some of the most common military traditions that are observed, along with ideas on how to make your wedding special.


One of the biggest differences between a traditional wedding and one held for military personnel is the attire that is worn by the bride, groom, or both the bride and the groom. The groom, if he is a member of the armed forces will wear his dress uniform. If he is a civilian, then a sit or tuxedo is the normal protocol. Many of the guest will also be decked out in their dress uniforms for the ceremony as well.

The bride's situation is slightly different. When it comes to military weddings, the bride has a choice if she is an enlisted member of the armed forces. She is free to wear either her dress uniform if desired, or she may choose to wear a traditional wedding dress of her choosing. Normally, when a bride chooses a wedding dress for a military wedding, she will pick one that is ornate and has grand details. These events tend to be quite formal and grand in nature.

Special Tradition

Perhaps the biggest traditions surrounding military weddings, is that of the arch of sabers. This is done in each branch of the military, although it may vary slightly between each. The concept is that as the bride and groom are leaving the ceremony, two rows of military members in dress uniforms line up in the doorway. Their sabers are then extended upwards into an arch with the sharpened edges facing the ceiling. Only the newlyweds will walk through the arch. This symbolizes the welcoming of the couple into the armed forces and is especially poignant if one member of the couple is a civilian.

Other Ideas

Some ways to make military weddings more unique is to get creative with the theme of the decorations. Perhaps you can use your branches colors as the colors for your decorations. Your reception could have a camouflage theme for the Army, a nautical theme for the Navy and so on. Don't be afraid to get creative with the decorations and pay tribute to the branch of the armed forces you belong to.

Military weddings are a wonderful display of tradition and ceremony. From the formal attire to the unique traditions, these weddings are quite a thing to behold and great fun to attend. There are many ways that you can go about making your military wedding one that will not easily be forgotten. When you get creative and put your mind to it, you can create a beautifully themed wedding that still holds true to the traditions of the armed forces.