The Meaning of Different Wedding Flowers

If you plan to walk down the aisle anytime soon, you should be aware that the flowers you carry might say more than you intended.

That's right; most flowers carry a meaning, or a special significance that has been passed down from generation to generation.

We can trace this "flower talk" back to the Victorian Era. It was improper in those days for a man to come out and tell a lady how he felt, so he would choose a flower with special meaning and send it her instead. Because the meaning of flowers was so well known, the woman receiving them understood the message as clearly as if it was written on a piece of paper.

Today, many people don't speak "flower talk," but on a day as important as your wedding, you should place a special emphasis on what the flowers that you carry mean.

Let's start by looking at a few of the most popular wedding flowers, and then examine their meanings.


There is a reason that roses are the most popular choice of flowers for brides. A white rose stands for innocence, beauty and charm--just the traits every bride wants to portray. A bride that chooses red roses for her wedding flowers is sending a message of passion and of fiery love. If dark pink roses are used for a wedding, the couple is expressing a thankfulness that they found each other. An ivy colored rose stands for fidelity in the marriage--something every new couple strives for.


If you are having a spring wedding, there is simply no better way to express your love for your future spouse than by carrying a bouquet of tulips. They are not only beautiful, but speak of an undying love.


Daisies are many people's favorite flower, but not a lot of brides use them in their wedding décor. They might if they understood their significance! Daisies stand for romance and an innocent spirit. Does that describe you?

Calla Lilies

These graceful flowers are reminders of our past generations when grace and beauty were the rule. Associated with elegance and charm, a calla lily would be the perfect flower if you wanted to create a sophisticated atmosphere for your wedding.


Now that we've looked at some of the most popular flowers, let's talk about how to use them to create just the right wedding event for you.

If you want a fairy tale type wedding, then you can't go wrong with roses--lots of them. Combine pinks, both dark and soft, and white and ivy colored ones. Be sure to wrap them in lots of sparkling tulle that matches the other colors in your wedding.

For a more sophisticated affair, use calla lilies. You can carry a single stem for a simple look, or a large bouquet for a stunning effect. Be sure to combine these flowers with elegance--both in the wedding party's attire and the surrounding decorations.

For a more casual event, such as a beach wedding, use daisies to make your guests feel cheery and at home. You can tie them with pretty ribbons that match the other colors in your wedding's décor, and then mix them with loads of baby's breath.

Finally, there simply is no better flower for a garden wedding than the tulip. Choose soft pastel colors to create a spring wedding, and then combine them with lots of feathery greenery, white linen and adoring looks!

As you can see, the flowers that you choose for your wedding will definitely set the mood. Knowing that, before you select your flowers, determine what type of wedding and reception event you want to have. Once you do that, choosing the flowers will be a breeze!