Marriage Tips: Where is the One?

Marriage is a long term relationship that binds two people forever. But there are times when people make a mistake on which partner they should settle down with. These are fatal mistakes that can live with you forever. Luckily for you there are ways to spot a keeper. Here are a few things that you should keep in mind when you are looking for a suitable spouse:

Does He or She Tell the Truth?

The truth is important in any relationship, even when you are not married. But the truth is of utmost importance once you decide to live with each other forever. If he or she is not honest with you at the beginning of your relationship then that is a red flag on how the relationship will go. Honesty is important for trust. If your partner is dishonest with you he or she will continue to lie to you throughout your relationship. Lying in the small things will lead to bigger lies in the future. Talk with your partner to develop trust and truthfulness with each other.

Is He or She Genuinely Nice?

People will do everything just to get what they want. This goes for men and women in relationships. Is he or she after your money or is really in love with you? Money is a flimsy base for a long term relationship. The moment you run out of money or the moment someone else who has more appears will the person you are with stay? If the answer is unclear then that is a red flag. A relationship is not all about money, although it is needed it is not the foundation.

Is he or she only nice to you? If he or she is only nice to you that is a red flag on how he or she will treat you once you are settled in a relationship. He or she may treat you like dirt when you get old or you do not meet their expectations.

Are Your Expectations Too High?

Expectations are not bad in themselves but there are times when your spouse or potential spouse falls short of your ideal standards. Everyone has their flaws, are you willing to forgive that person? Compromise and forgiveness are a big part of any relationship. Don't expect too much from your spouse or potential spouse so that you can be at peace with your relationship and with each other.