Low Cost Wedding Favors

With the economy getting worse every day, everyone is trying to save a dollar or two. Why not start by looking for low cost wedding favors that your guests will cherish and enjoy. Many people believe that you have to spend a lot on wedding favors to make them special, but this is simply not true. There are a number of beautiful and unique wedding favors which can be made or purchased at a relatively low cost to the bride and groom.

Give to Others

If your wedding has a "go green" theme, or if you are into helping others during these trying economic times, then consider a donation to a charity or organization as low cost wedding favors. You can print out small business cards that state that a donation has been made to a local charity. Your guests will appreciate the fact that you are trying to help those in need during your day of joy. At $1 per favor, you could easily donate 2-3 hundred dollars to charity while saving yourself quite a bit of money in the process.

Seed Packets

Individual seed packets wrapped in pretty tulle with a ribbon make beautiful low cost wedding favors. To make this favor even more memorable, write a little note card that says "please plant these as a symbol of the new life we have started today, may it continue to bloom and grow." This simple gesture will make your guests feel special, and will let them know that you are including them in the celebration of your new life together. The cost of each favor including the tulle and ribbon should not exceed $.50 each, and your guests will rave at how unique of an idea it was.

Candy Favors

Not all candy favors have to be expensive. Some sweet treats can make low cost wedding favors that can be shared with your wedding guests. For example, Jordan almonds are a traditional choice for wedding favors, and are relatively inexpensive. The price of one pound is normally around $7 and tulle is cheap as well. Each favor should run between $.50- $.75, and the almonds are available in white and mixed pastels to match almost any weddings' d├ęcor.

Personalized Gifts

Personalized gifts such as pencils, matchbooks, note pads, pens, candles, and bookmarks, are always good choices as low cost wedding favors. From a large promotional company, you can get items like matchbooks and bookmarks for as little as 10-15 cents each. This could save you quite a bit if your wedding is on a tight budget.

It can be hard arranging a wedding on a limited budget, but there are plenty of low cost wedding favors that can help make the task a little bit easier. With some imagination, you can easily come up with unique wedding favor ideas that can cost less than $1 a piece, while providing your guests with a beautiful memory of your special day.