The Loss of Intimacy

It is amazing the number of couples that allow the intimate side of their relationship slide. Loss of intimacy is one of those common marriage problems that eat away at the very foundation of a marriage turning what was once a loving and fulfilling relationship into nothing more than a shell.

The excuses are all too common, just too busy at work, the children are too demanding, we don't have time, or, it's just temporary, to name but a few. With such easy excuses slipping off the tongue it's just an open door for a myriad of marriage problems to take hold.

Like most common marriage problems if you are prepared to make an effort, loss of intimacy in a marriage is relatively easy to resolve, but the further apart you allow yourselves to grow the harder it is to get that marriage back on track.

It's so easy just to say we don't have the same feelings anymore and assume that the time has come to draw the line, but what about if you just take a step back and attack loss of intimacy in the same way you should handle any common marriage problem. Look at marriage issues as something to be resolved, a minor setback in life, and not the end of the journey.

We all face problems at work, with the children and with the family but work problems we handle, children issues we sort out, and look how far we have to be pushed before we even consider disowning our family. Why is it then so common for marriages to split up over a few solvable problems?

If we are prepared to make an effort with every other aspect of our lives why do so many couples just fall at the first hurdle? You can't say that living with someone is something we aren't generally used to, after all we have to make allowances for others and cope with family differences as we grow up. What makes couple so blinkered, unbending, and uncaring?

So many people lose site of their marriage vows, forget the bit about for better or for worse and assume that as soon as the ring goes on their finger that their work is done. Marriage is never easy. Almost every marriage has its ups and downs and letting the intimate part of the marriage slide is quite a common marriage problem. The couples that come out on top are those that recognize their failings, accept that some work needs to be done, and refocus their attentions on what really matters.

To make a marriage work you need that special relationship time, people need to feel valued, respected, loved, and that they are the most important thing in your life. You partner needs attention, the odd little gift, the kiss hello and goodbye, the fleeting caress and a cuddle at the end of the day.

Never loose site of what is important and if you've been sidetracked, which is a common thing to do, now is the time to take stock, sort out any marriage problems and get back on the right track. You make time for everything else in your life so don't become complacent with what matters most, your partner and your marriage.