Las Vegas Weddings – Fun, Traditional, or Outrageous?

Do you want to have a fun, traditional, or plain outrageous wedding? If so, then Las Vegas is the place for you. Although a marriage in Vegas is generally seen as getting hitched by Elvis himself, there are many more options available in this city that never sleeps. From traditionally planned ceremonies to the wildest settings possible, anything is possible with Las Vegas weddings. Read below to get an idea of the types of ceremonies that are available for those who wish to get married here.

Beautiful Outdoor Weddings

There are endless options available for outdoor weddings in Las Vegas. The marvelous desert settings lend themselves to some beautiful sunset ceremonies. Various gardens and venues are set up especially from brides and grooms who wish to get married amongst nature as well. The majestic Red Rock Canyon is just one example of the breath taking scenery that surrounds this area and makes it perfect for unique outdoor ceremonies.

Crazy Las Vegas Weddings

People have been known to do some pretty wild things while in Vegas and when it comes to choosing how or where you get married is no exception. There are many crazy and outrageous choices for those who wish to tie the knot while getting an adrenaline rush at the same time. Helicopter ceremonies are offered to couples to wish to say I do high above the lights and bustle. Couples have even been known to do the deed on the Stratosphere roller coaster on top of an 1100 foot tower, the perfect for true thrill seekers.

Traditional Las Vegas Wedding Options

There are a multitude of small themed wedding chapels dotting the Las Vegas strip, but there are also many elaborate and beautiful chapels and churches here as well. If your dream has always been to have a wedding in Vegas but you still want a beautiful and traditional ceremony, then these options will work best for you. The Guardian Angel Cathedral is one such choice that allows people to get married in a traditional setting within this city of lights.

Fun Las Vegas Weddings

There are a multitude of themed casinos in Las Vegas and most of them offer options for those who wish to have a fun and entertaining wedding. Of course, there is always the popular getting married by "The King" to fall back on as well. If a fun wedding is what you are looking for, then there are few destination choices better than Vegas.

Vegas weddings do not always have to be wild, crazy, and spur of the moment. Although they have to be all of those things and more, they can also be majestic and traditional as well. No matter what type of ceremony you wish to have, it is possible to make it a reality in Vegas. From sky high nuptials to Catholic Cathedral vows, your choices are endless in this vast and busy city.