Ideas for the Topper of Your Wedding Cake

Traditional cake toppers are usually a figurine of the bride and groom. If you don't want a traditional wedding topper, use your imagination and creativity to decide on a cake topper that will uniquely reflect yours and your fiancés personalities.

Cake Toppers that Feature the Bride and Groom

When you think of a bride and groom cake topper, usually the first thing that comes to mind is the bride and groom arm in arm. You can expand on the bride and groom idea by choosing a wedding cake topper that shows the bride grabbing the groom by the shoulders while he tries to run away. If your groom is in the service, you can order a cake topper that features the bride with the groom in his uniform for the marines, navy, air force or the army. You can use a heart photo frame with a picture of the two of you for your cake topper. This way it will feature the real bride and groom instead of figurines.

Initial Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers that feature the initials of the bride and groom, or perhaps just the initial of the new couple's last name are becoming quite popular for the modern bride. There are many styles and designs that feature initials from which you can choose. There are crystal initials, script initials, or initials that are bejeweled.

Theme Wedding Cake Toppers

Depending upon the theme of your wedding, you can find many unique cake toppers that will perfectly complement your reception. If you are getting married at the beach, you might choose a seaside jewel cake topper or a beachside bride and groom. For those couples who choose a butterfly release instead of rice, you can choose a cake topper that features butterflies. The bride who has chosen a princess theme will love the cake topper selections. She can choose from a castle cake topper, a swan cake topper, or any number of heart designed wedding cake toppers.

Ethnic and Multi-Racial Toppers for Your Wedding Cake

If you are an interracial couple, you can find many cake toppers to reflect your circumstances. You can find a wedding cake topper for an Asian couple, an African-American couple and you can even find same sex wedding cake toppers. There are many comical, elegant and traditional wedding cake toppers you can choose from when you go searching for a unique wedding cake topper for your wedding cake.