How to Plan a Successful Honeymoon Holiday

There are many exotic, historic and breathtaking places that ensure you have a perfect, memorable and romantic honeymoon. The newly-wed couple can enhance their marital bliss by enjoying each other's company in the amazing surroundings. While choosing the honeymoon destination, always keep in mind each other's preference. Bride and groom must make the decision according to their desire of honeymoon destination.

Planning Pointers

A good and successful planning enables you to keep the cost in control, and avoid nasty surprises. Following are some travel pointers to make things easy.

Popular destinations for Honeymoon

Following are some unique honeymoon destinations.

  • Italy, you can enjoy the sun and romance in Florence.
  • San Francisco, there is Bay and famous bridge, enjoy this magnificent city.
  • New York, very theatrical and romantic place with lush gardens in Central Park.
  • United Kingdom, for beautiful gardens and culture.
  • Mauritius, island of the Indian Ocean, you could enjoy the mixture of Indian and African cultures.
  • France, for a fairytale fantasy journey.
  • South Africa, for stunning Frankenberg Mountain and for relaxing at world-class spa.
  • New Zealand & Australia, for the breathtaking mountains.
  • Bali, Indonesia, for beautiful resorts, boutiques, and food.
  • Edinburgh, Scotland, enjoy the old country charm and city convenience.

Travel Documents

Initially check that all your travel documents are updated. Renew them if required. Obtain a visa for countries you are planning to visit. There are some medical requirements for travel so arrange them too.

Travel & Accommodation

There are always affordable honeymoon holiday packages available through travel agents. There is nothing wrong in asking for discounts and reduced prices so don't be shy to ask for them. It's best to be conservative and keep some margin of possible increase in the honeymoon travel package.

Taxi Fare & Tips

While calculating the travel cost you should always include the hidden costs like the taxi fares and tips that you are expected to provide for services.

Food & Drink

Most of us are okay with eating anywhere. However, if you have particular tastes, for example, if you are vegetarian or non vegetarian. You should ask for such things at the places you are planning to stay. If you have some food allergies, also keep them in mind.

Pets & Plants

If you have pets & plants ask friends to take care of them in your absence; or arrange for appropriate plan before going on your honeymoon holiday. Write the clear instructions for the person in charge. You will have better peace of mind if you have handled this situation.


Some activities are very popular, and if you like to enjoy the dream honeymoon holiday it's best to ask for reservations well before time. Some places are fully packed in certain seasons. If you plan to honeymoon in an unknown place ask the hotel for some recommendations for such matters.

Packing for the Honeymoon

Do not forget to include a few extra dresses. You never know when you will need them, and it's best to keep looking your best in your honeymoon. You will enjoy each other's company better if you are comfortable. If you are on some medication, keep sufficient supply.

Souvenirs & Memorabilia

It's a good idea to buy things that remind you of this memorable trip. Try not to buy too heavy or big things; remember good things come in small packages. On your way back pack these souvenirs & memorabilia with care.