How to Plan a Fall Wedding

If you are planning to have your wedding around the months of September to October, you may want to consider a fall wedding. Every season offers its own unique appeal to hold weddings, but there is something warm and intimate about autumn that makes it an ideal theme for a wedding. If you are planning to have a fall wedding, you should carefully plan out every detail of your wedding to suit the season.


There is no limit to where you can have the fall wedding of your dreams, as any venue can be decorated to suit the season accordingly. However, if you want a romantic venue while staying true to your theme, you can have your wedding in old 18th century churches. You can also choose to have it in a private club or a small chapel.

Fall Wedding Decorations

Fall is a season for earth colors. You can decorate your venue with wreaths filled with brown or yellow leaves and sheaths of dried wheat. If you want a more colorful and cheerful venue, you can mix earth tones—with red, yellow and orange. Fill your location with acorns, gourds, pumpkins, dried leaves, and flowers. You can opt to add lanterns on the side if you are having your wedding at dusk.

Ideal Flowers for Your Fall Wedding

Choose flowers that are in season to stay true to your theme. You can find mums, roses and daisies. Although you can also use berries, fall leaves and dried wheat to emphasize the season, for your bouquet, it would be nice to mix in yellow leaves, with blueberries for a nice fall effect. You can also consider adding hollow white and blue pumpkins around the venue; just place candles in them and let them illuminate the whole area.

What to Wear for Your Fall Wedding

For brides, dresses that are off-white or cream are a good option. You can choose to have gold beading and sequins around the dress to stay true to the color scheme, without looking too dull. You can opt to use corsets and velvets; you can also opt for rich fabrics and laces. The groom can stick to the traditional coat and tie, as this kind of attire is timeless. Bridesmaids can match the color of their dresses with the vests of the groomsmen for emphasis.

What to Serve

For your fall wedding menu, you can opt to serve roast turkey and pumpkin pie. There are many other options for your fall menu; you can choose any kind of meat for your entrée and pair it up with a heavy side dish like squash or potatoes. You can end the course with some cake and a cinnamon drink. Your food need not be limited to the season. You can serve anything you want and just add a little bit of an autumn touch to how the food is served and presented. As for the wedding cake, you can have any kind of cake you want. You can just add tiny fall leaves for decoration. You can even choose a cake with a light brown exterior if you want to stick to your color scheme.