How to Name Your Baby: PDF Book

As you can see, we've spent quite a bit of time compiling a baby name database (30,000+ names, thousands of community name ratings) that you can use to help you think of great and creative names for your baby (or, perhaps, characters in your novel). It's pretty simple to sift through the names and think "No. Maybe. No. No. NO. Ooh Pretty!" as you go along. But as we were compiling the list, we started to wonder: how did these names come about? Where do they come from?

Then we thought how, exactly, do parents choose the names they choose for their babies? Don't they worry about nicknames if they opt for something... unique? What happens if someone's family has a strict tradition of naming children only certain things but the parent wants to go another way? How do parents decide whether or not to tell people the name that they have chosen for the baby? How do expectant parents deal when they tell someone the name and that person starts acting like a jerk about it?

We're willing to bet that you wonder the same thing. In fact, you're probably facing a lot of these questions now as you're deciding on a name for your future son or daughter.

So we made a book for you!

This book talks about the questions we've already gone over... and more! Okay. That sounds really hype-y, but that doesn't negate the fact that it is still true. We didn't limit ourselves to those questions.

If you've ever wondered about where our names come from and all of the various things that go into naming a child, you should get this book! And you can! Right now!

No, really. You should read our baby book.