How to Match Your Wedding Favors to Your Theme and Colors

Wedding favors, just like every other aspect of a wedding should match the colors and theme of the main event perfectly. You can't have wedding favors that are green when your wedding colors are blue or pink. Similarly, it would be awkward to have favors with a beach theme at a winter themed wedding. Some consideration should be given to the type, size, shape and color of the favors that will be chosen before the special day arrives. The hints below can help you learn how to choose the perfect favors for your guests.

Color Coordinate

The most important part of choosing wedding favors is to ensure that they perfectly match or at least compliment the colors of your wedding. Many favors are now wrapped in tulle, gift bags or even boxes. These wrappings come in a wide range of colors and one can surely be found that matches your colors well. For instance, if you were to choose to give your guests customized candles as part of their wedding favor; it could be purchased in your wedding color, with complimenting tulle in a different shade of the same color or in a complimenting color. Having coordinated favors helps pull the generally look and feel of the wedding together in an organized way.

Choose Favors That Contain or Mimic Your Theme

Another important factor to consider when choosing the perfect favors is to choose an item that perfectly complements your chosen theme. A garden wedding could provide small potted plants or flowers to guests or perhaps even packets of seeds or bulbs. Beach weddings could have gel candles filled with sand, starfish and shells. No matter what your theme, there is a wedding favor that would fit it well.

Choose a Budget

It is important to keep a budget in mind when choosing wedding favors. Since these items can easily cost several dollars per person, the cost could easily add up if you are having a large wedding with many guests. For larger weddings, it may be better to consider smaller or lower cost favor options, while those with few guests may be able to splurge on slightly more expensive favors. The idea is to find an option that compliments your wedding's colors and theme without going over budget.

Simple is Best

Trying to make elaborate gifts for your guests will only end up costing you a fortune and frustrating you beyond belief. Sometimes simple is better and in the case of the perfect wedding favors, this is certainly true. A small tulle bag of Jordan almonds or mints may suffice as a beautiful favor that adds a simple but elegant touch to your wedding.

Choosing the perfect wedding favors that will compliment your theme and colors while providing your guests with a small parting gift often is a hard choice. The hints above can help you conquer this decision and choose the favors that are ideal for your wedding and budget.