How to Make a Picture Perfect Wedding Album

Your friend is getting married and on this biggest day of her life you want to give her something she will be able to treasure for years to come. Why not make her a special wedding album? Here are 7 of the most popular poses and how to make them into life-long gems.

Cutting the Cake

You can make this sequential for extra pleasure. The cake at close range, the bride and groom in the act of cutting the cake, they look up, and then the final finale of the feeding ritual. This last photo should be at close range to catch the expressions. This is a quick succession of shots that will be completely spontaneous. In these photos you will capture the emotion of the moment!

The 1st Kiss

The 1st kiss after the ceremony. Be ready to shoot any time, as this is another spontaneous moment that cannot have any retakes. This is a symbolic moment to be remembered forever.

Getting into the Limousine After the Ceremony

Now you need to be quite quick for this one. You have to get ahead of the bride before she jumps into the vehicle. Run around to the street side of the car and open the door. Take your shot just before she gets in. Try to get the bride and groom's faces close together and in close up. You will be able to take more than one photo for this. Again remember to capture the moos of the moment.

Looking into His Eyes

This is an ever-popular photo and you can ask them to do several poses for this. One picture can be with the rings and bouquet, others with different wedding items. Some will be full length, others cropped. This should be fairly close to catch the emotion.

The Toast

Take a few of these as well. This is always a fun shot. You can take honored guests, like the parents, close family and friends.

Waiting in Anticipation

You can ask the bride to pose and take a few shots to get this right. Take at least one as a full-length pose with one hand drawing back the curtain and the other clutching her bouquet. The thrill of anticipation must be emphasized here to get the full effect.

The First Dance

The ceremony is over and now it is time to enjoy a lifetime of happiness. A few takes can be made and you can even ask the happy couple to pose, but the best photo will be the spontaneous one, if you can manage it, because there will always be that subtle moment of anticipation.

Added to these favorites do not forget the family photos. These are very necessary to be shown to those guests who could not make it and for future generations to see. Besides you would not want anyone to get upset because you neglected to include him or her in the wedding album.

Other uses for you wedding photos that will make good gifts:

  • Your best shot can be made smaller to carry in a wallet.
  • Stand alone pictures to be framed for future keepsakes.
  • Cards: they will need to write those thank you notes. You can make some extra copies that can fit on the thank you card.
  • How about enlarging some nice close-ups to be used on a calendar? Give them a whole year of pleasure.

It is fun to be the official wedding photographer and even more enjoyable to put together a small album, especially for your friend to remember her special day. You never know, you might enjoy yourself and take such good pictures that you can decide to turn professional and make a full time living taking wedding pictures.