How to Choose a Reliable Catering Service

If you want to have a memorable wedding event, it's essential to plan an exceptional catering service. It's worth the effort and investment, however it is significant to look for a reliable and competent catering service. In a small town, there are established catering businesses, although if you live in a big city, choosing the right catering services is not that simple. There are always many options to choose from while selecting a caterer. Following are some of the easy ways to find a top-notch catering service.

The Search

The first step is to look for the catering service businesses in your area. In short you will have some of following choices.

  • Suggested by friend and family
  • Event managers
  • Celebrity Chefs
  • Club or Restaurants
  • Cordon Blue Chefs
  • Franchised Caterers
  • Caterers at local Market
  • Search on Internet
  • Wedding Magazines
  • Newspaper Classified

Short List

You will find a number of people willing to offer you catering service. Get in touch with the prospective caterers, introduce yourself and ask for their rough estimate. They usually give a per head amount for the food and an estimate on other services. Get information from all possible catering services. Depending upon the information you can make a short list of prospective caterers.

Celebrity Chefs

It will be little expensive but if you want to add some sparkle to the event celebrity chefs offer sheer value in abundance to your money. You will however need to be patient in this scenario. You will know what to expect as each chef has a different style and specialty. These chefs are experts and very much in demand. The best suggestion is to book them earlier so they will insert you in their demanding schedule. Try you must, who knows, you might be having an event catered and served by the team from your favorite chef.

The Visit

Visit the Short listed caterers with one or two of your friends whose opinion you respect in cooking. It is a better that you ask for a lunch or dinner meeting. This will ensure you get first hand knowledge of the quality of food and service. Following are some of things which you will need to ask.

  • Previous record, such as photographs or newspaper clippings
  • Background check; call a couple of pervious customers
  • Harmony of flavors & taste of some signature dishes
  • Quality of service at their establishment
  • Temperature at which food was served
  • Freshness and colors of fruits and vegetables
  • Taste test of wine
  • Freshness and variety of salads
  • Timing of serving of various courses
  • Floral & herbal garnishing
  • Portion sizes
  • Willingness of establishment to make modifications
  • Request a basket of food for later testing
  • Discounts or possible price reductions

Written Contract

After a few visits you will be in a position to select the right establishment to serve at your reception. Now you will have to make a contract. Following are some of key points for the contract agreement.

  • Date, duration and venue for the reception
  • Estimated numbers of guests
  • Choice of food service
  • Final menu and courses
  • Approved wine list and open bar timing
  • Silver ware, crockery, and glass ware
  • Staff uniform and overtime fees
  • Cancellation charges

The effort that you made on this task will be paid off very generously on the wedding day. Your guests will be complimenting you on your choice of such an exceptional catering service. In short you will remember this successful event for a long time.