How to Budget a Wedding

Budgeting a wedding can be a bride and grooms worst nightmare, but it does not have to be that way if you follow a few guidelines. Before you start any wedding planning or budgeting, you have to know how to budget the wedding and talk to the parents on each side. They will have some input because they may be helping financially.

You should get together with the parents and discuss the type of wedding you want and what you will need for money. First, you will have to set the date and then make a budget.

Make the Wedding Budget

When you start planning the wedding, make a list of everything you need. This will include the photographer, attire, ceremony location, reception hall, flowers, entertainment at the reception, music at the ceremony and the dinner. You should also include transportation, wedding party gifts and the rehearsal dinner. You can include the honeymoon, wedding rings and any expenses for licenses.

Make the list and then decide who will pay for what. Then make a list of what you need to take care of right away. This includes the ceremony, the reception hall, the entertainment, the caterer and the photographer. You may want to contact the flower shop to confirm with them about the date you will need their services as well.

Stick to the Wedding Budget

Once you have everything budgeted in for the wedding, you want to stick to it. There are going to be some things that you see that you may want, but if it puts you over budget, you might have to rethink that idea. The wedding budget is there to make sure that you do not put yourself into financial trouble. You do not want to start your new life together in debt. If you change your mind about something and it costs more, maybe you can lower the amount spent on something else.

Underestimating the Cost

If you find that you have underestimated the cost for some things, maybe you could eliminate a cost for something else. For instance, the wedding party can make the flower arrangements if they feel creative. The wedding invitations can also be created by hand. There are many aspects of the wedding that does not have to cost a lot if you do some of the things yourself. You should try to stay in budget, but if you do have a problem, see where you can trim some money from so that you can still stay on budget.

If you know how to budget the wedding and track your expenses, you should have no problem staying within your wedding budget. If you do underestimate a cost for something, you can try to reduce the cost of something else to make up the difference. Always talk to everyone that will be included in the wedding and especially the parents that may be helping with the cost. You do not want to put financial hardship on anyone. You want everyone to enjoy planning and preparing for the wedding.