Honeymoon Registry

Before your wedding, you surely have several wishes on what type of gifts you want to receive. Thus, you have a wedding registry. Before your honeymoon, you surely would want to experience your dream vacation. Thus you have a honeymoon registry.

A honeymoon registry is the thing you should prepare together with the wedding in order to give your guests ideas on the things you want to do and experience on your honeymoon. And since it is assured that your guests would want to make your dream honeymoon come true, you want your dream to be known through the honeymoon registry.

The good thing about it is that you give your guests another option other than the usual wedding registry. But the best thing about it is that you get the honeymoon of your dream with the help of your friends.

Why should you make one anyway?

Since you have spent thousands of dollars for your wedding day, setting a big budget for your honeymoon is another pain in your bankbook or credit card bills. Creating a honeymoon registry would lessen your burden for another big expenses. It would let guests contribute on each portion of your honeymoon. And since you expect that many would sign up to your registry, your honeymoon vacation is within reach. In the event that the registry is not filled up, you don't have any problem completing the list for some expenses have already been answered.

Of course, you would not want to dine on one resort and fly to another location just to sleep. You should select a hotel or resort where you want to spend your honeymoon and create a registry there. Since most transactions can be done online and most of your guests would probably go online to shop, choose a hotel or resort that provides online checking. The will buy gift certificates there and you can use them on your honeymoon.

How should you tell your guests about it?

Wedding registry information is oftentimes included on the wedding invitation. You can also include your honeymoon registry on that invitation. If you decide to go online, you can mention the site where you have placed your registry and instruct them to search your names from there. Then they could see the checklist of your honeymoon registry.

Here are the basic things you should include on your honeymoon registry: airfare, romantic dinner, breakfast in bed, honeymoon suites, massage, spa, and tours.