Hiring a Professional Wedding Photographer

The best wedding photographers are booked months, sometimes years, in advance, therefore it's important that you begin your search for a photographer twelve to nine months before your wedding day.

Professional photographers shoot less than 50% of all weddings; a friend or family member usually accepts that responsibility. The results are usually disastrous, because as much as your cousin means well, he is an amateur compared to the guy who photographs weddings for a living using highly calibrated equipment and premium negatives. Don't become cheap or frivolous with your wedding photos.

Asks Your Friends and Family for References

It's time to jump through the reference hoop by meeting with family and friends to talk about their wedding pictures. They're the best source for unbiased recommendations. It is important that you actually visit those who provide you references so you will have an opportunity to view samples of their wedding photographs.

When you're happy with your list of references make appointments to see them.

Judging the Photographer's Past Works

As you sit wading through the great works of the photographer's portfolio you should question the credibility of his presentation. Any business will put their best food forward by displaying their greatest works.

The best way to see if the photographer has matured, qualified skills is to ask to view several picture sets from past and recent weddings he has worked on. If the provided pictures look as good as his masterwork collection then you may have a genuine keeper.

Getting Along With Your Photographer

Your photographer shouldn't intimidate you; you should experience a camaraderie and ease with your photographer. Your final wedding photos will reflect your attitude, so if you don't have a good rapport with your photographer it will show in your pictures.