Here Comes the Bride, All Dressed In?

You accepted the proposal, the ring is on your finger and the wedding planning begins. One of the things that need major attention is what the bride will wear on her big day: the wedding dress. With all the choices available and the details to think about, it is enough to drive a sweet blushing bride to bridezilla.

Dressing the bride on her wedding day varies from culture to culture. Eastern culture differs from the traditional white wedding dress. Traditional Chinese brides don red dresses as the color red symbolizes luck and propriety. Japanese women will wear the traditional colorful kimono. Indian women wear saris, often red in color and usually made from silk. Most Western brides prefer to dress in white.

The white wedding gown was popularized by Queen Victoria when she married Prince Albert in 1840. Word has it that she wanted to incorporate the lace she had in her possession to her wedding dress. There is also a popular notion that the color white is a symbol of the bride's virginity.

Choosing your wedding dress does not need to be difficult. With a bit of thought and a lot of hard work, you can get the wedding dress of your dreams.

Picture What Your Wedding Is Going to be Like

Will you opt for a church wedding or a destination wedding? Consider the weather and the season.

You Should Do Your Research

There is a veritable trove of information online and on bridal magazines. A basic knowledge of dress terms will go a long way.

Look Up Wedding Dress Styles

Some brides will chose a big puffy dress with a ball gown skirt. Some would prefer a slimmer silhouette. Others may want to wear a short skirt. Will you have sleeves or go strapless?

Consider Your Body Type

A ball gown skirt will hide wide hips. An empire cut gown will have room for a slightly bulging belly.

Think About the Fabric

Do you want chiffon or silk or a combination of both? Will your dress have beading and/or embroidery?

Set a Budget

Usually (but it's not a rule) 10% of the whole wedding budget goes to what the bride will wear.

Get Measured

If you are going to have a dress made, get measured by a professional seamstress.

Some brides will opt to wear a rented dress, which is a lot cheaper and you do not have to worry about cleaning and storage. Other women prefer to wear an heirloom gown. But whatever you decide to wear, in the end, it's all about looking good and feeling happy overall on your big day.