Guidelines for a Successful Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be both beautiful and exotic. It can provide a great chance for you to bond with your family and friends over the event of your wedding in a unique environment. However, there are several things that can go wrong if you do not plan properly. Follow these guidelines to guarantee a successful and memorable wedding day experience.

Plan Ahead

When you choose a destination wedding, you can gain a lot of peace of mind and many benefits by planning far in advance. Call the venues that you are planning on using. Many different resorts and vacation locations offer "weddingmoons," which combine your wedding and honeymoon in one location and offer a less expensive rate.

Make sure that you ask for a list of how things work on your big day, exactly what is and is not included, the order of how things will go. If you have a definite schedule of fees and inclusions, you can make arrangements for any items that are not included. It beats taking a cab to your own ceremony if a car is not provided.

Save the date cards and invitations for destination weddings need to be sent out at least 6 months ahead of time. Since you are expecting your friends and family to travel to your wedding, you have to provide them with ample time to get vacation time from work, or save up money for the event. If you don’t do this, you could find yourselves alone at your wedding.

Arrive Early

It is also important to arrive early when you are planning a destination wedding. If you get there early, you can finalize all of the details and plan for any unplanned delays, that otherwise would have held up your wedding.

This also allows you time to get familiar with the location and locals. Work with the venues kitchen and caterers to come up with a menu that offers both local specialties and some foods that your guests will be familiar with as well. Some guests may not like the local offerings, and you certainly don’t want anyone to starve.

Let Go

Destination weddings tend to come as part of a package that is all inclusive. If this is the case, then you need to let go of some of the responsibilities. Keep in mind that what is included may not be exactly what you wanted, and that you may not be able to have a hand in everything. This is part of the trade off that comes with this type of wedding. Just relax and have fun in your unique location, if others want to handle the arrangements then let them.

A destination wedding can be a great way to bring everyone together in an exotic location to celebrate your love. However, the guidelines above should be followed if you hope to have a satisfying and stress free experience. Without proper planning and the right mentality, a wedding at a foreign location may not be a good idea.